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about 8 hours ago

Diana was thorough in her cleaning. I really appreciated her attention to detail. My home is spotless! Thank you Diana!!!

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about 9 hours ago

Fantastic job, perfect clean as always. Very glad to have Pamela on my crew.

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about 10 hours ago

Hi I had the feeling it was Paula’s first time cleaning. She was very thorough in some areas, but not in others. She was quite slow, and didn’t use my cleaning products ( she just used water) and while everything is clean it doesn’t smell nice. My bathrooms smell like dirty toilet. She promptly arrived at 2:30pm and left at 6pm. there was ample time to do everything on your list but it didn’t happen. Paula worked thoroughly the whole time, but didn’t seem to know what to do next and kept asking me for guidance. The items that weren’t done aren’t major things, and the areas she did clean are very clean, but it’s just disappointing. I’m hopeful that the next person will be a bit faster/thorough/use more cleaning products.

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What we do

We match you with one of our TidyMe Crew in your area. They will become your regular cleaner so that they get to know you and the ins and outs of your home.

It’s so easy

We've tidied over 20,000 homes. Our customers love our automated payments and easy scheduling online. We will even send you a lockbox to borrow if you are not home.

We’re eco-friendly

We're eco-warriors - our Crew walk or catch public transport and we work with our friends at method to provide environmentally friendly products to leave your house looking and smelling fresh.

More time for you

We've literally saved marriages. When you don’t need to worry about who is cleaning the toilet, there’s more time to be you.


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"If my surroundings are tidy and well ordered... all is well with the world"
- Louise, Paddington, NSW
"I do my job with love... it feels so amazing when the customer arrives home"
- Renan, Bondi, NSW

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TidyMe Eco Friendly Top Home Cleaning Services Home Cleaners

We believe in businesses doing great things. That’s why we partnered with method, who are committed to making the planet, and our homes, a cleaner place with their environmentally friendly home cleaning products.