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Personal Details

You must be able to receive text messages to this number to complete your application
You must be able to receive packages at this address
Please note your name on this application must match the first and last name registered to your ABN. If you do not have ABN yet, click here to learn more.

Other Info


I don’t have an ABN. How can I apply?

You must have a valid ABN to complete your application. Getting an ABN is free and takes no more than 15 minutes. Click on the big, yellow button in this page to get started!
Which documents do I need to apply?

Make sure you have your valid Australian Business Number (ABN), a photo of your Passport, your Visa (including the expiry date) and a valid Police Check. If you don’t have a Police Check, check here to get one.
Why is my ABN not working?

The system will check if the information you’ve provided is valid and if your full name is exactly the same as your ABN. If all your information is correct but you are still getting an error, please check here to see when your ABN will be active from and try again.
How much do you pay per hour?

We pay $22 an hour and we only book cleans that are a minimum of 2 hours. After you complete 3 months with us, if you are working more than 10 hours in a week, you will be paid $25 an hour.